Happy Valentine’s Day! There are still five weeks of winter and this is the time of year when I start questioning my sanity. You too? So many Monday holidays in the winter which is hard because didn’t we just finish winter break?

So if February feels endless, it’s because it’s still winter.

Which brings me to winter self-care. Each season has it’s own needs. Winter definitely has it’s own set of self-care needs especially around rest and quiet.

One of my favorite ways to make sure I am thriving in each season is to evaluate my self-care needs and then making sure I get what I need.

Questions I ask myself to assess my seasonal self-care:

How is my energy? Do I need to build in more time to sleep, nap, rest and nest? In the winter, the answer is undoubtedly, yes.

There is a certain surrender to caring for your needs seasonally. Take a look outside. The trees have shed their leaves and are in dormancy. This is because nature has built in rest as a way of healing and getting ready for the next busy season – spring. But here in February, we’ve got another month of dormancy.

We’re sleepy in the winter because we are still biological creatures. The light and circadian rhythms matter.

In order to gather more energy in the darkest months I started using a dawn simulating alarm clock about 20 years ago and it completely changed my relationship with winter mornings. I now wake up to sunlight no matter what time of year. (Every one I recommend this to says it is a life changer)!

Using a light box for the last few years has also helped me get more “sunlight” into my body and helped me increase my winter energy levels without more caffeine.

What am I doing to fuel and nourish my body? Am I eating warm, cooked foods? Am I eating what is in season? What ways can I get more seasonal fruit and vegetables in my body?

I am a huge fan of shopping at the farmer’s market and the natural foods coop to get lots of seasonal produce. I use this as a starting point for searching for recipes. I’ve got a bunch of tried and true recipes here.

What am I doing to quiet my mind? Meditation is a great practice to take up during the quieter winter months.

I’ve been using the Headspace app for years and highly recommend starting this life changing practice now.

What am I doing to move my body?  Despite being a season of rest, we still need to move our bodies in the winter months. I have found walking early in the morning or at lunch outside – dressing for the weather — helps me keep my mood steady and my sleep sound.

What are you doing for you skin and hair? My face, neck and chest skin is LOVING the No. 1 Brightening Oil . My hands and body are loving the citrus mimosa hydrating lotion. My fine hair is loving the kid’s shampoo. The kid’s conditioner is great too. I have been slathering my feet in organic avocado oil at night before bed and they are so soft.

Winter is a great time to start finding safer personal products that work for your skin and hair since it all seems to need some extra TLC during the colder months.

What are you doing for winter self-care?