My clients hire me because they have a problem they haven’t been able to solve on their own. Sometimes their issue is at work, sometimes at home and sometimes it shows up both places.  Each client had been working on their issue by themselves, sometimes for years, without reaching their goals. My clients hire me as their coach because they want to solve the problem and what they are doing on their own isn’t working.


My coaching clients hire me to help move them beyond where they were on their own. Together we come up with a new plan with fresh ideas she has never thought of before. We examine the issue, what they’ve already done on their own and talk through possibilities for different outcomes. We discover what they want and what changes need to be made in their lives in order to reach their goals.


 I hired a coach because

I wanted to get better at something

and I needed help to do that.


Some of the reasons my clients have hired me are:

  • She wants to get better at work life balance because all she does it work. (Yes, it can exist!)
  • She wants to get to know herself better so she knows she is on the right path.
  • She wants to figure out how to set herself up now for a future happy, healthy retirement.
  • She wants help preparing for her next career move, promotion, change, or side hustle.
  • She wants prioritize herself and self-care so she stops feeling so overwhelmed.
  • She wants to make peace with difficult people in her life at home, in her family or at work.
  • She wants to help give herself the time to dream about a perfect for her future
  • She wants help with the nuts and bolts of self-care: getting more sleep, creating health habits, meditation.
  • She wants to make peace with food and her body, to stop emotional eating and start living her life.
  • She wants to start dating again after divorce.


My role as a coach is to help my clients figure out what they want and how to get there. I don’t give advice, instead I ask tons of questions to see patterns in behaviors, beliefs and assumptions and to uncover what is getting in the way of my clients reaching her goals. She comes up with solutions and strategies and we work together to create accountability.


Working with a coach is different than working with a therapist. Click here for the differences.


The benefits of working with a coach are:

— fresh perspective on personal challenges
– enhanced decision-making skills
– greater interpersonal effectiveness
– greater confidence
– increased productivity
– greater satisfaction in life
– setting and reaching goals

If you’d like to learn more about my experience working with a coach you can read about it here.


If working with a coach is something you are interested in, click here to learn more about working with me – either in the Self-Care SOS or Life Satisfaction Sessions.


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