We all have 168 hours a week. You, me, Beyonce – all of us have the exact same amount of time. Yes, Queen B has the 168 hours of a team of people too. But most of the rest of us spend a good deal of that time working, getting ready to work, taking care of our families, sleeping.


The real question is — where does the rest of the time go?


I bring this up because so many people tell they don’t have the time to take care of themselves or figure out what they really want out of life. They are just too busy.


After reading Laura Vanderkam’s book 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think I did a time audit to find out where exactly my 168 hours were going. It was eye opening to say the least! Turns out me and Facebook were in a pretty committed relationship.


Once I knew where my time was going, I could make changes based on that information. I could make different choices based on that self-knowledge.


If you find yourself thinking “I wish I had more time to do X” – I invite you to do a time audit. In this post from Laura Vanderkam she explains how (and why) to keep a time log.


Once you find out where you are spending your 168 hours each week. The next step is to ask how you’d rather spend it instead.


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