I believe deeply in the power of self-care. I believe each day is a chance of a new beginning.


I believe that anchoring the day with habits and rituals to care for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies will get us a lot closer to our dream life than guzzling coffee to start the day and drinking too many glasses of wine to before bed.


How do we build the habits we want and move away from the ones we don’t?


I am a big believer in self-knowledge as a tool to creating habits.  Once you know how you respond to expectations from yourself and others, you can then build your habits based on that knowledge.


Do you easily meet expectations you set for yourself? For instance, do you decide you want to take up running and then just do it? You might be an Upholder.


Do you easily meet expectations others set for you? For instance, you join a training group and never miss a practice because others are relying on you? You might be an Obliger. (Lots of my clients are Obligers).


Are you someone who can easily do things that make sense to you and can’t be bothered with things that don’t? For instance, you can make a plan and stick to training once you are convinced it is right for you. You might be a Questioner (like me).


Or are you someone who has a hard time keeping up with things you wanted to do and aren’t interested in others telling you what to do?  You might be a Rebel.


Are you curious to find out which Tendency you are and how to best build new habits based on that self-knowledge? Take the Quiz here.



Your Invitation to Work With Me



Self-Care SOS is a three month program where we work one-on-one to get your habits and routines on track. If you are someone who needs accountability and guidance to make your self-care a priority, I am here to help.


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