Our school year ends this week — both my husband and daughter will be home all summer. I am equal parts thrilled and terrified.


Terrified because I need to put some structure on our summer or there will be hell to pay. Thrilled because homework and school lunches have been the bane of my existence. I promised myself not to get caught up in either and I failed. So looking forward to a fresh start next school year!


How are you this week?


Each week in 2018 I’ll be sending you articles that have sparked my interest because they are all about Self-Care and Life Satisfaction.




10 Books To Read If You Want to Improve YourselfI’ve already loved Daring Greatly, 10% Happier and The Confidence Code, maybe I’ll add some of these titles to my summer reading list.



What It Means To Live A Slower Life – would you ever consider selling all your stuff and traveling around the world? Love reading stories of families that do and I’m not sure I could/would. Maybe living slower in the life I already have.



Don’t Take Fake Breaks – and two more non-fiction books to read. Take real breaks!



8 Everyday Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself – simplest self-care ever.




What’s Really In Your Eye Shadow?I am all in for hard working  safer personal products including makeup!




The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life – I am still rebranding exercise as moving my body, but it isn’t as much as I expected.



 Why Hire a Life Coach? – Are you ready? Let’s talk!


I’d love to know what you are reading,  watching and listening to these days. Tell me all about it!


I look forward to seeing you soon!


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