We are halfway through this calendar year. The school year is almost over. Have you accomplished what you meant to this first half of the year? This has me thinking about my own goals. More on that later!


How are you this week?


Each week in 2018 I’ll be sending you articles that have sparked my interest because they are all about Self-Care and Life Satisfaction.




Sometimes You Win The Race Because Everyone Else Stops Running – Oh YES.



The Best Hairstyles For Working Out (or living on the surface of the sun like I do) – and How To Make Them Look Polished After – Ever since I started Trainer In Your Backpocket, I have needed some help pulling myself back together after.



One Simple Question Unlocked My Best Self-Care – .so simple.



12 Simple Steps to Green Your Home – I am always looking for ways to make more environmental choices at home. For me it about using safer products for me, my family and the planet. This is one of the many reasons I am now a BeautyCounter consultant. I love their safer personal products.




Five Small (but Significant) Ways to Build Your Healthy Self – actionable and easy.




My Zero Waste Kit – Such a great idea!



 Why Hire a Life Coach? – Are you ready? Let’s talk!


I’d love to know what you are reading,  watching and listening to these days. Tell me all about it!


I look forward to seeing you soon!


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