Took my little to a baseball game, spent a day sitting on the grass chatting to friends and watching our kids dance, cheer and generally exhibit hilarious baseball fan behavior. This is a reminder to do this more. I am not even a baseball fan per se and yet it was absolutely delightful!


How are you this week?


Each week in 2018 I’ll be sending you articles that have sparked my interest because they are all about Self-Care and Life Satisfaction.



Golden Milk Turmeric Tea – My lungs have been so challenged this spring. I am just now getting over The Cough and I am doing what I can to support my lung health. Plus, this is so delicious!



Grief and The Lungs: Chinese Medicine – so interested in seeing how the body systems work together with emotions.



5 Ways to Get Through the Day When You Feel Like Shit – I am a huge fan of cutting out caffeine, only doing the absolutely necessary, taking a bath and promising myself an early bedtime.




Self-Care Isn’t An Indulgence. It’s a Discipline. – what kind of happiness you choose.YES. It is also related to




Why I’m Taking My Evenings Back – what would you like your evening to look like? Here are some questions to help guide you.



 Why Hire a Life Coach? – Are you ready? Let’s talk!



What does work life balance look like for you? What would you like to change about work to make your life better?



I’d love to know what you are reading,  watching and listening to these days. Tell me all about it!


I look forward to seeing you soon!


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