Spring has been showing off here in Sacramento: thunderstorms, rain, hail, temps in the 50s, followed by fog, followed by temps in the mid 80s. Feels super unsettled and WHOA, I’ve been needing some grounding.


I’ve been meal planning and cooking a lot this week, spending time reading this, this and this and meditating every day before I take my kid to school. I’ve been working on staying grounded in an unsettled time. 


How are you this week?


Each week in 2018 I’ll be sending you articles that have sparked my interest because they are all about Self-Care and Life Satisfaction.



Which is Worse? – second choice all the way for me.



What Is It Like to Raise Kids in Germany? – six weeks off + 10 bank holidays, a slower pace of life and long walks… sign me up!



How to Feel Better When You Aren’t Really Sick – co-sign




Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Always Easy – take the credit and the compliment.




Aiming for Discipline Instead of Punishment – While this is about schools, students and classrooms many of the lessons here apply to how we treat ourselves when trying to change habits and make changes in our lives. If we are cruel to ourselves, we actually get in the way of creating new learning because …the research is clear. Our brains learn best in a state of relaxed alertness.



Supper Club, Introvert Style – with a bit of planning and forethought we can all get through the awkward parts.




 Why Hire a Life Coach? – Are you ready? Let’s talk!




To say this talk changed my life is an understatement. I had no idea what an introvert was or what they need or how to get it. I read the book QUIET and wrote a review.



I’d love to know what you are reading,  watching and listening to these days. Tell me all about it!


I look forward to seeing you soon!


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