Satisfaction Sessions

Satisfaction Sessions 6 Month Program:

Together we determine your customized plan of getting you the satisfaction you want in your life. This is the plan where we dig deep into your life as it is now and see where you’d like to make changes.

We can keep it completely open session to session and dig for meaning with what comes up OR you can create a plan (with my help) to determine specific areas of focus.


Focus 1: Cultivating hope and gratitude

Focus 2: Time management and focus

Focus 3: Clarity around your professional life

We begin with a self-care assessment to determine where your self-care is now and where it needs to be in order for you to thrive in your life. This a natural place for beginning work on building hope and gratitude practices.

Values and Vision: Together we determine what is most important to you and what you’d like your life to look and feel like now and in the future. We’ve only got one life and we’ve got about half of it left. Living the last half with more intention is my plan. Sounds like yours too.

Clarity and Confidence: Exploring what is important to you in terms of your career and personal life including your health. Making conscious choices in how you invest your time and energy to make sense in your life both at home and at work.