For close to twenty years I have been trying to find a safer sunscreen that smells good, feels good on my skin, keeps me from burning and isn’t full of stuff I don’t want to put on my body.


I have tried so many safer sunscreens that failed to make the grade: one was too yellow, one was too sticky, one left a thick white coating, one felt like mud, all the weird smells… I was starting to feel like Goldilocks where nothing was ever just right.


I have finally found THE ONE*!  I’ll tell you about it in a minute, but first some background.

Let’s start here: Why bother?  Aren’t the products we already use safe?


A big part of my quest for safer products is my background in politics. One of the issues I worked on was studying the environmental causes of breast cancer and one of the areas of study is harmful ingredients in personal products like skin care, makeup and sunscreen.


Surprisingly, the laws that govern what ingredients go in our personal products haven’t been updated since the 1930s. Right now, using safer ingredients is up to companies, rather than the law everyone must follow.


Clearly we’ve learned a lot since the 30s – science wise –  and there are advocacy efforts being lead by companies like BeautyCounter and others to update those laws.


So that leaves it up to the consumer to figure out what is in the products they use and know if those products contain safer ingredients.


Before we go any further – what does “safer” mean? It means choosing ingredients with little or no known risk to health. It means choosing to use products which do not contain harmful ingredients.


Skin Deep by The Environmental Working Group has a rating system that I use whenever I buy products to see if the ingredients are considered safe. They even have a 2018 Safer Sunscreen Guide. My new favorite is on the list as one of the best!

With the CounterSun SPF 30 Lotion I feel like I have finally found my just right! It feels fantastic on my skin, it doesn’t leave a white residue, it smells good and it does its job. Other people have been raving about the mist and stick and I can’t wait to try those as well.


What safter personal products are you interested to try this summer?


*I love the BeautyCounter product so much I decided to become consultant, so if you buy some I’ll be compensated. If you’d like to try some BeautyCounter products or talk further about the company mission, let me know.