My favorite social media meme right now is “I wish I could be the person who bought all this produce.”

Good intentions, right? This always gets a laugh because you know the weeks where you do your meal plan, shop from your grocery list, make one meal and then ten days later realize you have drawers full of rotted produce.

I have been there. Many, many times.

Until I made one small change.

I decided to make what was once invisible, visible.

I took my produce out of the refrigerator drawers and put it on the top shelf at eye level. I use baskets to keep it neat and what can be left on the counters stays out.

Now every time I open the refrigerator, I see the produce first. I am greeted by celery and carrots and spinach. As I walk by the dining room table and kitchen island I see bowls of fresh fruit.

What I see, I eat. What I don’t see, rots.

Since it is always my intention to actually eat the fruit and veggies I buy (and up to 9 servings daily), I need to see them to remind me to eat them.

Another way to do this is if you’ve got a desk job put a bowl of fruit for the week out on Monday and challenge yourself to finish it by Friday.

Are you a visual reminder person? Would you try making your veggies and fruit visible?