A number of years ago I stopped making resolutions and started setting yearly intentions instead. I was tired of admitting defeat by February (or October when I made new school year resolutions) and filing my good intentions away as another set of failures.


Now instead of deciding to become a different person each January 1st – one who flosses daily, goes to the gym 7 days a week, writes every single day for an hour, aka setting New Year’s Resolutions – I decide how I want my life to feel in the upcoming year. and let my behavior be decided by how I want to feel.


I choose one word to guide my year. There are a gazillion different ways to choose a word of the year. The process I have been using for the last five years is from my wonderful friend, Rosie Molinary.  My words easily find me when I use her 20 questions.


I have written a lot about my different words over the years and why I use a touchstone word. You can find all my writing about my previous words here.


What word will guide you in 2018?

My 2018 Word:

SATIATE: To completely satisfy yourself or a need.


For me this word means paying close attention in my life.


I will mindfully eat when I am hungry and stop before I am too full.


I will ask myself frequently what I need in order to feel satisfied/enough.


How much sleep? How much movement? How much solitude? How much togetherness?


I am going for a refined state of being in 2018 with satiate.


What about you, what will be your 2018 state of being?


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