Happy Love Month. This is a perfect time to think about how to be more loving to ourselves. And nothing says self-love like self-care!


I believe how you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. I believe that how you live your days, you live your life.


That said, what do I do to start my day?


My Morning Routine:


Reflection – (two minutes) – I keep a spreadsheet of questions in my phone. So many people have laughed when they hear this! I use a spreadsheet so I never have the excuse of not being able to find my journal or a pen, or of having bad penmanship.  I ask myself the same questions every day and have for years. I have a running record of my answers over the years.


Attention – (two minutes) – I glance at my calendar and see where I might run into obstacles. I make a plan B and jot my idea in my spreadsheet. This helps me anticipate where I might get tripped up in the day and having a plan allows me to make better decisions.


Intention – (two minutes) – I decide how I want to feel for the day and write it down. I check in with my word of the year. Do these align? What adjustments will I make to feel the way I want to feel in my life?


Gratitude – (three-five minutes) – I write down at least five things I am grateful for and why. Here’s a piece I wrote called How To: Make Yourself Happier The Easy Way. 


Meditation – (10-20 minutes) – Headspace – I have been an almost daily user since 2013. Go here for tips to start or maintain a meditation practice or the science behind why everyone should be meditating daily.


Breakfast and tea– (5-15 minutes) – I love breakfast: eggs, burritos, oatmeal, soup, leftovers from dinner, avocado toast, green smoothies, I love it all!


Movement – (20-60 minutes) – I have to move my body or I get sad and irritable. I wish it wasn’t so, but there is no denying the benefits of movement. I sprinkle movement throughout my day. For yoga movement I am a Curvy Yoga subscriber, for my fitness needs I am a Trainer in Your Back Pocket subscriber and for cardio I love to bounce on my rebounder or walk and talk with a friend or client. I walk errands, stretch while watching TV and make it a point to move 7 days a week. Movement for me isn’t about looking a certain way, it is about feeling good in my body regardless of size or shape. It is a long term investment in my longevity. I’m banking on this exercise keeping me mobile well into my 70s and 80s (and maybe beyond)!


Everything except movement gets done first thing in the morning. My self-care morning routine is absolutely non-negotiable.


You’ve got to wake up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. —George Lorimer


Ready to make some changes in your morning routine?



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