My morning routine is non-negotiable. This helps me start my day feeling the way I want to feel: calm, nourished and nurtured.


The morning through afternoon is solid. I feel like things are under control and I’m productive. In short, I feel like this non-negotiable self-care helps set the tone for my day and helps me be who I want to be and feel the way I want to feel.


Hooray for 100% Guilt-Free Self-Care!



After dinner feels way different though. It feels off, not quite solid, because it is willy nilly.  I do different things and not surprisingly, I get different results. So for now we’ll call this evening “routine” a work in progress.


My night time sleep routine is solid. It has to be or I am a mess the next day because I don’t sleep. I am the ultimate princess and the pea come to life!


I have to say sleep prep doesn’t start at bedtime. It really starts at lunchtime. You can watch me talk about how to get more sleep here.


My night time “routine” includes:


  • Not drinking caffeine after lunch.
  • Not drinking alcohol at all because it disturbs my sleep even if I just have a little bit. God knows, I’ve tried.
  • Soaking in the bath really early and being in my pajamas before 7pm.
  • No screen time after 9pm.
  • Reading real books – preferably fiction for an hour before sleep.
  • Blackout curtains, fan for white noise, air purifier, and the best eye mask.
  • The sunset feature on my alarm clock deserves its own love letter. This ish changed my relationship to morning AND going to sleep.
  • Keep the house cool.
  • So so many sleep things!


The part of my evening that needs some attention is the 7-8:30/9pm part. Honestly this time of night you can find me sitting on the couch snacking on carbs scrolling through my phone.


Not ideal.


So I’m going to do some brainstorming on what my ideal post dinner/pre bedtime routine looks and feels like.


Here are some questions to ponder:

  • How does what I am currently doing make me feel?
  • How does what I am currently doing contribute to my overall wellbeing?
  • What would I rather be doing instead?
  • What activities could I fill that time with that would get me closer to how I want to feel in my life?
  • Who do I want to spend that time with?
  • What do I really need (instead of carbs and scrolling)?
  • What if I never changed anything about this hour of my evening? How would life look and feel in 5 years?
  • What habits and routines do you want to develop to make this time of day feel more nourishing and nurturing?


Feel free to use these questions as a starting point when you are developing your own evening (or morning) routines.


What does your evening self-care routine look like?



If you’d like some help developing your morning and evening routines so you can feel the way you want to feel in your life, I can help!


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