2018 has been a really rough year: more cancer in our family, lots of ups and downs of parenting, so many deferred maintenance project finally taken care of, the 24 hour news cycle dumpster fire that just keeps getting worse every day…


You too?


Thankfully there is good news too…. 2018 has also been full of new connections, new opportunities, new growth both personally and professionally, new people to work with, new speaking engagements, new collaborations and new adventures.


So one thing I learned in 2018 is the power in the YES:  getting a chance to do something I’ve never been done before and saying yes knowing I’ll figure it out later.


Guys, this is nothing short of miraculous. I have a lifetime of waiting until I know the answer before jumping in.  Ok, I really vacillate between the two – hiding and running full speed ahead.


The year of YES has had some unintended consequences: feeling ungrounded, feeling constantly behind, feeling unsure, feeling frazzled, feeling stretched too thin.


That last one — stretched too thin — I hate. It makes my life feel overwhelming and I respond by being a grouch.  Feeling like I am on the brink of burnout.


Uh, isn’t that one of the things I help my clients with?


Um, yeah.


So that brings me to you I am writing to you today.


My wonderful friend and client, Kachet – from The Kachet Life – also had a very YES 2018.


We figured we aren’t the only people struggling with saying no when we need to so we can say yes when we want to. We created a little challenge to help end the overwhelm. 


This November Kachet and I are inviting all of our friends and family to join us in saying no when we need to so we can say yes when we want to.

So here’s the deal: Join us by clicking the photo above or the link below

NO in NOvember


Each Monday November we’re going to send one email with one exercise that’s meant to take 30 minutes or less. 

Read the email,  do the exercise.

Then each day November join Kachet and me on Instagram  stories to see the things that were saying no to in November.

We hope you’ll join us!