I have a need to collect, archive, research and share information and ideas. In fact, that’s my number one strength in on the StrengthsFinder.

Today I’ll share some of the gems I have collected for you recently.

Saying F*ck The Fear In the New Year – what would happen if we let go of fear?

How to Move to (Nearly) Zero Waste with Amazon Prime (and Others) – ways to have less packaging come into your home so you have less to get rid of.

In the Time Your Spend On Social Media You Could Read 200 Books – I’ve been tracking my book reading this year because I want to read 52 this year. I’ve already read 10 this month….just from tracking. What I monitor grows.

One Room Challenge: A kitchen that gives me all kinds of feels

Plant a Seed for Your Future – present me taking care of future me is one of the most loving things I do for myself.

Making Connections That Count – introverts, this is for you.

I am a Self-Made Millionaire and This is Exactly How Much Help I Have At Home – lifting this veil of the solo nature of business made me feel better about my family success team.

Self-Care Is Not an Indulgence, It is Discipline – 100% co-sign

This Family’s Downsized Dream Home is Full of Surprises – a Sacramento local!

These Self-Care Apps Will Help You Meet Your Goals

Savory Golden Miso Oats

What is Life+Work Coaching?

Brene Brown’s Biggest Life Hack for Lasting Relationships – I use it all the time.

What are your favorite finds?