The last two weeks in the 100% Guilt-Free Facebook Group  I have been sharing talks by Black women as a way to amplify Black female voices. I have been sharing educational resources and action items in order to help people on their (and my) anti-racism path. 

Today’s episode is about 10 Podcasts that I’m learning from. These shows are about justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, politics, social justice, business, marketing, career moves and life. 

Show notes:

  1. That’s Not How That Works
  2. Raising Equity
  3. Pause on the Play
  4. Ms. Wanda’s Full Circle Radio
  5. Savvy Social Podcast
  6. Pod Save the People 
  7. A Full Life Podcast
  8. Business Remixed
  9. Good Ancestor Podcast
  10. Switch, Pivot or Quit Podcast