Do you know your Enneagram Type?


The Enneagram is a personality typing framework that helps us better understand ourselves. It shows us what makes us tick, what our highest version of ourselves looks like, what our lowest version of ourselves looks like and what drives us crazy. It shows us our blind spots.


There are 9 Enneagram types and each has its own fears, desires, motivations and core needs. Each of the types has “good” and “bad” aspects and no one type is better than the other. (Although you might not believe that once you identify your own type.) It’s common to see bits of ourselves in each type, but we all have one core type that doesn’t change over time.



I just learned mine recently and it has kinda blown my mind. Reading about my type I could see straight away my least attractive coping mechanisms when I am stressed. I shared it with my husband and he exclaimed, “Have these people been following you around?!?”



Anne Bogel calls the Enneagram chapter of Reading People – “Confront Your Junk”. This seems like a fair assessment.


When we confront our junk, we can make better, less reactive choices in our lives. We can start down a path of self-acceptance and we can become the highest version of ourselves. This is really what self-knowledge is all about.


The Nine Enneagram Types:

Information is from Reading People: How Seeing the World Through The Lens of Personality Changes Everything + The Enneagram Institute

One: The Reformer (the need to be perfect)

Two: The Helper (the need to be needed)

Three: The Achiever (the need to succeed)

Four: The Individualist (the need to be special)

Five: The Investigator (the need to perceive)

Six: The Loyalist (the need for security)

Seven: The Enthusiast (the need to avoid pain)

Eight: The Challenger (the need to be against)

Nine: The Peacemaker (the need to avoid)



If you’d like more information about the Enneagram types and why you should care, you can check out the Selfie Podcast. In their 10 part Enneagram Series Kristen and Sarah dive into what it means to be each type and interview people who live in each type.


Interested in finding your Enneagram type? There are two ways to do that!


Option ONE: I did not take a test because the reading through the descriptions make it abundantly clear my type. You know you’ve gotten to your type when you cringe really hard. Your type is the one which makes you sweaty under your armpits.


Option TWO: Or you can check out this post for Enneagram test options.


What’s your Enneagram type? What did you learn about yourself?