Inspired by Modern Mrs. Darcy, here are 8 Things I Learned In April.


ONE:: How to Not (Accidentally) Raise a Racist – Such a great conversation for white folks to hear and start having with those around them.


TWO::  Positivity ratio matters.  You can measure your level of positivity.


THREE::  Some of my favorite new friends are REBELS. What are you?


FOUR::  So many of the people around me are 3s and 4s. Does this mean I am attracting these sorts to me? Or is this a coincidence?


FIVE:: Asthma is new part of my life. I’m just at the beginning of figuring out how to best care for myself long term.


SIX:: Starting a house project was way less energy consuming than worrying about starting the project. I’ve learned this lesson before. I think I should probably make some sort of reminder about this lesson. Tattoo perhaps?


SEVEN::  Asking for help from people who are qualified to give said help is nothing short of miraculous. I am letting someone else show their expertise and they get to shine. Then with all the time (and energy) I am saving from trying to do stuff I’m not great at, I get to spend my time doing what I do well. This is a win win!


EIGHT::  Weekly neighborhood potlucks are delightful and surprisingly easy to coordinate.


What did you learn in April?