Deferred Maintenance

a group coaching experience with Tami Hackbarth


  • Limit: 10 people. Why? So you get personal attention from me.
  • We meet once a week on zoom.
  • We’ll work on teaching/learning self-care concepts, goal setting as well as live group coaching.
  • Can’t make the live call? Each session is recorded.
  • Super secret Facebook group with daily prompts, live coaching and cheering you on.
  • We begin Fridays, October 2nd
  • Bonus : 60 minute private coaching session with me if you sign up by September 28th at midnight Pacific time.

"I thought I had my self-care handled and didn't need support.

In fact, I was so focused on it that my work became secondary. That’s when I realized I needed help. It was through the support of Tami and the group in Deferred Maintenace that I realized I neede dto restructure my days.

Mornings could still be “my time” but the afternoons needed to be for work. Turning off ALL notificiations and focusing for a dedicated amount of time was exactly what I needed to get back into the the groove.” – Steph Z.

"I have the tools to make small, tangible and powerful changes in my life.

I’ve learned to ask myself more questions about why I treat myself the way I do.” – Lisa Budesa

"I have created some great habits and restarted some that I had stopped doing

I feel like I have momentum and my energy has improved. I do so much better when I’m working with others. There is something special about being in a group that is focused on making progress that helps me gain focus and stay motivated.”-  Kallie Arroyo  

"I'm feeling more confident having spent more time tackling areas I haven't in the past.

“I decided to join this group because I needed to keep moving forward in the self-care growth journey, and it was hosted by the person I love and who introduced me to the word self-care. I do better with consistency and camaraderie is always a bonus. I am extremely thankful to have developed close relationships with this group of women with similar goals!” – A.J

"I feel very supported and connected in a way that I never really expected.

It has been a wonderful experience, getting to know you and the other people in our group. I have more faith in my ability to make my self-care a priority in all categories.” – K.K