Making a Difference In the World One Meal at a Time

Making a Difference In the World One Meal at a Time

Do you listen to the news of the day and feel sick to your stomach? Do you feel the need to turn away from it all because you aren’t sure what to do?



Action is the antidote to despair.

– Joan Baez



Over the last 18 months, my advocate nature has been reignited. I have been calling, faxing, emailing my members of Congress daily on issues that are important to me.  It has been pointed to out me several times that I’m lucky I have the background that I do (BA in Political Science and over a decade of working in politics) because it is easy for me to effectively communicate what I want to my members and that not everyone has the confidence to do that.



In honor of California’s primary (midterm) election on Tuesday, June 5th, I wanted to introduce an organization to you: Feed Our Democracy. 


The mission of Feed Our Democracy is to inspire and educate every citizen to become an active participant in our democracy. Their tag line is: Eat. Meet. Activate.


The idea behind Feed Our Democracy is to bring people together over a meal – a potluck, a buffet, a picnic, a dessert – and to take action on an issue. This can be to raise money for an organization like Planned Parenthood, to write postcards to voters reminding them to vote or to make signs for the next march.


Feed Our Democracy has information on:

  • How It Works
  • How to Host an Event
  • Toolkit + Action Plans
  • Resources – including organizations who support the causes you do:  Flipping Our Government Blue, Voter Rights + Registration, Ending Gun Violence, Immigration Rights + Reform, Women’s Rights, Education, Environmental Action, Defending Civil Rights + Fighting Hate & Injustice, Supporting Veterans.


If you have been feeling like you aren’t sure what to do in the midst of a barrage of bad news, I highly recommend taking action. Democracy only works when we do.

A few more links:

#ResistanceLive is a show hosted by Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin – women’s leadership coach/former DC lawyer. I limited my news intact in order to save my sanity. I never miss this show for its timely news analysis, action items and feminist shoutouts.

If you are wondering what to feed people at your Feed Our Democracy event I’ve got some recipes to share. We have started weekly potlucks with our incredible neighborhood. I’ve been gladly cooking for my beloveds and have some recipes for a crowd:

Roasted Red Pepper Mac (vegan) – a crowd favorite! Even the kids gobbled it up. It takes less than 30 minutes to make.


Zucchini Lasagna (vegan) – another kid and grown up favorite! I used this recipe as the base and added precooked lentils spiced with Italian sausage seasoning. I used no cook noodles and shredded the zucchini inside. They couldn’t believe there was no cheese!

I’ve created a Potluck Board for future events.


What action will you take to create the world you want to live in?