What Would Happen If You Tended To Yourself?

What Would Happen If You Tended To Yourself?

Last year I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Mara Glatzel about Tend(ing to our deepest needs).


In this interview we talk about:

  • My daily self-care (low or no cost) practices.
  • How I use my smartphone to help me practice self-care.
  • How I always feel like I am the highest maintenance person in the room and ultimately why that is ok with me.
  • How NOT practicing self-care is selfish.
  • The name of my inner mean girl and how I work with her.
  • What makes life sustainable.
  • What we are teaching our kids.
  • How I stumbled upon the secret of sustainable self-care because of a really immature action.
  • And so much more!


I hope you’ll take a listen and think about how you will TEND to yourself from here on out.


What would life look and feel like if you tended to yourself properly?

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Get Know Me – Podcasts and Interviews


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