A Conversation About Confidence

What happens when you start to reach for the next steps in your life, career or business? Do you apply for the job that is a stretch? Do you seek out the promotion? Or do you do what a lot of high-achieving women do? Doubt your abilities or attribute your success to...

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Winter Self-Care

Happy Valentine's Day! There are still five weeks of winter and this is the time of year when I start questioning my sanity. You too? So many Monday holidays in the winter which is hard because didn't we just finish winter break? So if February feels endless, it's...

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Favorite Finds

I have a need to collect, archive, research and share information and ideas. In fact, that's my number one strength in on the StrengthsFinder. Today I'll share some of the gems I have collected for you recently. Saying F*ck The Fear In the New Year - what would happen...

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An Invitation to Work Together in the New Year

What are your self-care goals for the new year? Are you planning a new exercise routine? Are you ready to start eating all the fruit and vegetables you buy each week? Is this the year when you stick with your New Year's resolutions? I am here to help! Self-care SOS...

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100% Guilt-Free Self-Care Support Group

Are you needing some support for your self-care? Did you know I have a totally free 100% Guilt-Free Self-Care Facebook group? True story! And I’d love for you to join me. Click here to join. Please answer the questions so I know who you are and what you’d like to get...

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Sunday Link Love #27

This week has been a reminder that filling my schedule - even with things that are amazing - still leaves me with a too full schedule feeling. I don't run well without white space.   Summer hours are in order. I am concentrating my efforts on learning, studying...

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Sunday Link Love #26

Solo parenting. I am hat tipping to single parents everywhere.   How are you this week?   Each week in 2018 I'll be sending you articles that have sparked my interest because they are all about Self-Care and Life Satisfaction.   It Doesn't Have to Be...

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Sunday Link Love #25

We celebrated our first day off from school with a trip to the lake with the grandparents. Nothing like riding around on a boat with good food, good company and a good book.   How are you this week?   Each week in 2018 I'll be sending you articles that have...

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Safer Sunscreen That I LOVE

For close to twenty years I have been trying to find a safer sunscreen that smells good, feels good on my skin, keeps me from burning and isn't full of stuff I don't want to put on my body.   I have tried so many safer sunscreens that failed to make the grade:...

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Sunday Link Love #24

Our school year ends this week -- both my husband and daughter will be home all summer. I am equal parts thrilled and terrified.   Terrified because I need to put some structure on our summer or there will be hell to pay. Thrilled because homework and school...

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Saturday Senses

A way to capture the spirit of each week… tasting ::   green smoothies,apricot pie, steak tacos, deli sandwiches as big as my head, bbq potato chips, and crazy amounts of hummus. hearing ::  so little because my ipod has gone missing. smelling ::  redwoods and the...

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I teach 100% guilt-free self-care to busy women who want to drop the story that self-care is selfish and start feeling powerful and strong as the leader in their own life. All without them feeling overwhelmed or breaking the bank.