Galentine’s Day is February 13th and according to its inventor, Leslie Knopes of Parks and Rec fame, it is a day dedicated to showering your lady friends with love.

A better way to celebrate your favorite Galentine is by using the 5 Love Languages to really fill her love tank. Not sure about her (or your) love language? Find out here.

Love Language #1: Gifts

If gifts is your Galentine’s love language you are in luck! There are countless ways to fill her love tank with thoughtful gifts from the heart.

I am a fan of these adorable mugs with uplifting messages. She can think of you every time she has a cup of tea. I also love these candle and smudge bundles.

Love Language #2: Quality Time

Leslie invited her Galentine’s to celebrate with brunch, waffles and love. If your favorite Galentine loves some QT, why not get together either at home or out for some delicious brunch eats?

Not in the same city? I am a huge fan of the long distance bestie phone date. I usually grab my fitbit and phone and head out for some morning miles while catching up on all the things.

In Sacramento? Why not sign up for a class together like Spring Refresh?

Love Language #3: Physical Touch

Your Galentine is a big hugger and is filled up with touch? Why not go have a foot massage or pedicure together?

Love Language #4: Words of Affirmation

Galentines with words as their love language love GOLD STARS and genuine compliments.

Write her a heart felt card about how she’s impacted your life and her heart will swell with love.

Not sure what to say or how to compliment the right way? Here’s some tips.

Love Language #5: Acts of Service

This Galentine LOVES when people do the things for her.

IDEAS for Acts of Service:

  • Fill her tank with gas.
  • Wash her car.
  • Return her stuff to Target for her.
  • Take her packages to the post office.
  • Do the dishes after brunch.
  • Make reservations/a meal.
  • The acts are endless.

How will you be filling up your friends’ love tanks this Galentine’s Day?