I am an avid listen of both Happier and Happier In Hollywood podcasts. Recently Gretchen and Liz talked about Identifying 18 for 2018.


Since I am such a fan of lists – Summer of Intentionality and An Intentional Fall – I decided to come up with one of my own. Instead of making it a thinly veiled list of resolutions, I decided to only include things I actually *want* to do.


Tami’s 18 for 2018

Watch Airplane! (1980) – I have never seen it and it is apparently a comedy classic.

Try slacklining – This is something I feel like my daughter will love, so an activity to try together.

Put a significant amount into my IRA – Thankfully I have one set up and now it’s time to fill it up.

Try a pilates class – I’ve been gifted some time at a local studio, so we’ll see how it goes.

Make lemon custard (dairy-free) ice cream – It’s my favorite and I haven’t had it since I found out I am allergic to dairy.

Read Feminist Fight Club – more feminist books in 2018 and beyond, please.

Go on a writing retreat.

Get my tarot cards read.

Go to a cat show.

Go to the East Sacramento Garden Tour.

Attend a musical.

Do a sleep study.

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. (Already DONE – check out my photos over on Instagram!)

Take a cooking class at the Sacramento Co-op.|


Go on 24 hikes.


Sit for the ACC exam.


Be a volunteer who drives people to the polls on Election Day in November.


Coach Chat – talk to 52 coaches this year to learn more about their businesses, what they do and who they serve so I can recommend people who would be a good fit for them.



What do you want to do in 2018?


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